ProBodyShake system!

So, you want to not only lose weight but also fat? Getting rid of unnecessary ballast needs an incentive. With the ProBodyShake system from i-like you get instructions and the tasty ProBodyShake to break out of the vicious cycle of weight gain. During this experience, you will have really high vitality days as well as long-lasting success without a yo-yo effect due to the 3-phase application. In combination with movement, balanced sleep and the personal desire to reduce weight, ProBodyShake will help you to achieve your goals.

Programme objectives:

  • Regulates the weight and prevents the yo-yo effect
  • Activated and balanced with bioresonance
  • Pure plant protein contains all essential vital substances
  • Biological protein value is particularly high
  • Balanced in yin-yang according to the „five elements“
  • With acacia fibre and flaxseed for a vital intestine
  • Sweetened with Norwegian birch sugar and stevia. Low Glycemic Load (low GL)

In 3 steps to weight loss!

1. WEIGHT REDUCTION PHASE: Fat is burned during at least 14 days of weight reduction phase. Twice a day, enjoy a ProBodyShake as a meal replacement, then enjoy a basic broth as a snack and a low carbohydrate meal.

2. MAINTENANCE PHASE:Has the desired weight been reached? This phase helps to maintain the achieved desired weight permanently. In order to stabilize the metabolism and prevent the yo-yo effect, two low-carbohydrate meals plus once ProBodyShake (preferably in the evening) are optimal. Furthermore, drink plenty of fluids.

3. WELLNESS PHASE:In this phase ProBodyShake can supplement your diet quality. Take three meals and additionally enjoy a ProBodyShake either morning or evening. Use the drink to supplement your diet with additional vital substances at your meals over the long term.



Intensive use

The ProBodyShake is ideal for an intensive use instead of fasts. In this application, all 3 meals are replaced by a ProBodyShake. Thanks to the high-quality protein, acacia fiber, flaxseed and many vital substances such as vitamins and minerals the shake serves as a complete replacement meal. Optimally, the combination with metabolism activating drinks, and tea and plenty of water. Even a basic broth may be integrated with the intensive application.




  • Helps you lose weight *
  • Provides vital nutrients that are needed daily
  • Easy and quick to prepare, ideal for taking along with you
  • Balanced and varied
  • Ideal vitalizes charged with bioresonance
  • Mix, shake and enjoy!
  • To prepare a ProBodyShake, place 3 scoops, about 50 g, in 400 ml of water, soy or rice milk, stir or shake well.

* When replacing two daily meals as part of a low-calorie diet. Other foods must be eaten as part of such a diet.

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