The effects of the i-like Vital products

Coming from the point of view of "Help to self-help", i-like offers various Vital products in the field of wellness, dietary supplements, beauty, anti-aging and more.

All i-like Vital products are activated with the bioresonance system. This means that the effectiveness of all Vital products is significantly increased, reducing or even removing side effects.

Through familiarity with quantum physics, which determines that everything that lives possesses the characteristics of both particles and waves (quantum as a natural constant, frequency as wave), frequency can be vitalised with bioresonance.

Explaining the effectiveness of i-like products

i-like metaphysics has taken on the task to help people help themselves. For this purpose, i-like uses not only the latest technologies and research, but also takes benefits from the latest Swiss bio-resonance technology combined with traditional knowledge of the Asian regeneration philosophy. Because simply said, humans function via magnetic fields (oscillations), which can be activated and harmonized using the innovative products from i-like.