Room Converter to Regulate Electromagnetic Pollution
The danger of the digital revolution since the 1990s!

Electromagnetic pollution is an invisible danger that has been tested from many angles and interpreted differently. Industry relies on electromagnetic shields to reduce the thermal effect. Healthcare professionals, however, see just as much risk in the non-thermal effects, i.e. the impact of electromagnetic frequencies on the body's cells.
Problem identified, solutions found. For over 25 years, the technical development team at i-like Metaphysik has been researching, developing, and working on ways to correct non-thermal electromagnetic pollution and its direct influence on the human body. i-like Meta-Converters are a one-of-a-kind system for correcting the harmful influence of stray electric fields using destructive interference. Simply put, data packets are sent along with the electromagnetic wave to compensate for the adverse effects of stray fields (scalar = undirected waves).

How does it work?
Here's how:

A simply analogy would be how two waves meet in water. If they meet on the smooth surface of a lake, there are two possible reactions: either they both meet at the same height and pile up twice as high (which is constructive interference, something we don't want with e-smog, of course!). Or one wave is at a high and the other is at a low when they meet. The result is neutral. This is called destructive interference.
This is a bit like what happens with the effect of bio-resonance on electromagnetic pollution. Electromagnetic waves can be neutralised and reversed to a bio-resonance function, where devices, broadcasters, and power lines that emit e-smog can be made to emit bio-resonant rays.

Converting E-Smog

Technology? There isn't yet a standard solution for the regulation of e-smog. The scientific department of i-like Metaphysik with its scientific advisory board and extensive network of universities and research centres provides you with a solution that goes far beyond the legal minimum. The Room Converter neutralises the negative frequencies of electromagnetic pollution in rooms. The Car Converter and E-Chip let you extend that protection as you are on the go.

What is the direct benefit?

If the i-like technology creates a counter-frequency to the electromagnetic pollution, many beneficial effects result. The counter-regulation of e-smog significantly reduces the typical effects scientifically proven to be negative.


Typical improvements include:

  • Improved memory performance
  • Improved response times (performance, vitality)
  • Correct decisions are made more often
  • Health is indirectly promoted
  • Stress is reduced, creating better performance and better teamwork

Where do I need to convert e-smog?

Any place where people spent more than an hour at a time is likely to be under the influence of e-smog. Provide your employees, your family, your customers, your patients, and your visitors a bio-resonant atmosphere!


  • At home
  • Commercial and industrial facilities of all kinds
  • Offices (banking, insurance, accounting, etc.)
  • Hotels and spas
  • Restaurants
  • Fitness centres
  • Medical institutions, practises
  • Shops incl. check-outs
  • Post offices, stations, and other places with counters
  • Car dealerships
  • Places of education such as universities, schools, nurseries, etc.
  • Kennels and stables
  • Farms (livestock, grain, food)